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"Thank you for the wonderful letter and video I received for my 11 year old daughter. Thanks to this, she can still believe in the magic of Christmas. It was perfect! I was surprised myself! Gives 6/5 stars" - Monika Jonderk

Some of our reviews...

"We order our Christmas letters from Santa's Post Office every year. They look fantastic and the personalisation adds to the magic for the children. This year's letters arrived very quickly too."

 - Warren Manger

"We use Santa’s Post Office every year! Always on time & perfect presentation. So many options to choose from. One happy child always! Thank you :)"

 - Amy Johnson

"Ordered from Santa’s post office for the past 3 years, the letters are so magical and personal to your child. Always fast delivery and printed to a high quality. Will continue to order and recommend every Christmas :)"

 - Megann Sargeant

"After looking around for a while we decided to order the very important letter from the big man from here and it's fair to say we were not disappointed, the letter arrived prompt and was exactly what we wanted. Would definitely recommend and will be ordering again in the future."

 - Philippa Sanders

"extremely pleased with the presentation of the Santa's key i ordered, a lovely wee company to buy from and unique stuff they have to offer. definitely planning on getting more bits. thankyou! xx"

 - Jacqueline Nicoll

"My Grandboy was absolutely made up with his letter from Santa!! Really good quality, plenty of text and personalisation. The magic snow was a COMPLETE hit and was most definitely worth the extra money! We also paid extra for the magic key and activity pack. Again really good quality and the fact it was in the envelope with the letter made it an even more magical experience for him to receive. I would definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company for its products, quality and service.
All communication was answered quickly and in a friendly helpful manner. Max STARs awarded ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

 - Sarah Moyle

"I would highly recommend Santa's post office the letters were absolutely amazing. My son is 9 years old and is starting to doubt but when reading his letter he is now a firm believer again. My daughter is 5 and got very excited when opening her letter. The activity packs and additional tasks were a added happy bonus. Highly recommended and will 100% be ordering again. Thank you Santa's Post Office and Merry Christmas xxx"

 - Sarah Davies

"We ordered the letter for children that are starting to doubt whether Santa is real in order to keep the magic alive for one more year! it was fantastic and made our little ones day. Thank you for keeping the magic alive, you are wonderful ✨️"

 - Siobhan Shilton

"Third year in a row I’m using Santas Post Office. It’s the perfect little touch of Christmas magic for my son. He loves receiving the letter and especially hearing the personalised elements. Would and have recommended to friends!"

 - Gemma Knight Jones

"This is the second time I've used Santa's post office and its amazing. My little boys Santa letter and key is perfect and I absolutely love his video from santa. Thank you so much"

 - Kelly Darrington

"My daughter is now 6 but I have been getting letter from here for her since her first Christmas. I love the variety of paper (even though I have to stick to the same) and the choice of letters are fab. It’s great you also have the option to personalize it so much. Delivery is always so quick and the letter is always fantastic quality. Thank you and I look forward to many more letters from Santa 🎅🏼"

 - Lia Anela

"Fantastic!! Just to see the child face when the letter arrives is proof enough."

 - Debbie Griffiths

"My 1st time I have used this Santa's post office and I think it is so amazing definitely bring the love back to Christmas"

 - Sue Donaldson

"We use Santa’s Post Office every year! Always on time & perfect presentation. So many options to choose from. One happy child always! Thank you 🙂"

 - Amy Johnson

"The boys were so happy with their letters, absolutely fantastic quality. The activity pack was brilliant. Really could not be happier with the service and the product, its helped to keep the magic alive a bit more."

 - Lisa Marie

"One of the best authentic letters from Santa. The kids were so pleased to get a “real” letter from Santa! Website is easy to use and it’s delivered quickly. Highly recommend!"

 - Sarah Hughes

"I ordered the letter and it came within 2 days. The attention to detail was amazing and my 9 year old loves it and has taped it to the fireplace in pride of place. The quality of the letter was outstanding and added a real magic to the Christmas period. I would recommend as it’s priced reasonably too."

 - Lisa Brindle

"I love Santa’s post office and the fact you can choose a story to suit your family. The letters always arrive on time and look fantastic. It’s the 3rd year we used them and will continue using them every year. Great service!"

 - Alex Theodoridou

"Brilliant. Olivia was totally delighted, especially with some of the activities. What a great product. In the age of advanced technology, its wonderful to be able to do something for a child that feeds their imagination whilst keeping tradition alive. Thank you."

 - David Farrar

"For the last 4 years we’ve received a letter from ‘Santa’s post office’ and they will continue for as long as I am able. Beautifully written letters, I love the fact i can choose my own ‘story’ and put in personal/relevant details. My now 6 year olds face when he got the letter this year was priceless, almost as good as his first ever Santa’s post office letter from Santa. It’s magical, truly truly magical. The door hanger checklist is already hung on his stocking ready for Christmas Eve. I just couldn’t ask for anything more.
I researched a few places for Santa’s letters…I loved the design of this one, I chose an old fashioned style paper but there were others to choose from. The ‘1st Christmas’ letter was what won me over and since then it’s just got better each year. The stories are relevant and beautifully written. Had my boy completely engaged throughout.
This year I asked the magic elves at SPO for some help as I needed an extra ‘note’ to leave with an extra present (silly mummy didn’t see the lovely pictures that had been drawn and sent to Santa along with his letter this year, so I missed the chance to add it into the reply…meaning I had to think on my feet and come up with a special magical moment) the team at Santa’s Post Office couldn’t have been more helpful and that is what makes these guys my go to every year…not only are they helping me to keep the magic alive but they are magic themselves and I am extremely grateful for both."

 - Annabelle Wellon

"A lot of choices, excellent quality and very fast service first time of using them will definitely use Santa’s post office for the next 10 years!!!"

 - Joanne Egan

"Where do i start , from the helpful customer service to the wide range of christmas products this site is amazing this is my 3rd year of using and i wouldn't go anywhere else. the quality is amazing, the stories are beautifully written at a childs age range , the presentation is just out of this world. i have recommended Santa's post office to every school mum, passer by and friend i talk to as i think they are just amazing . there prices are fair , there range is vast plus after covid its time the kids had some fun , my child is doing the elf challenge which teaches him about kindness and looking after others with a few christmas treats in there too it was better than i expected. we love Santa's post office and will be back next year for more christmas treats."

 - Robyn Duffy

"This is my second year of using Santa's post office, my little girl absolutely loved receiving the letter and activity pack, the letter is very well written and full of imaginative text to keep the magic alive for all. It all arrived very quickly good value for money. Will be using again next year."

 - Anna Butler

"Have used the company for three years now and never disappointed 🙂 Santa your fab! and my kids love recieving their personalised letters and all the cute little extras! 100% reccomend. thanks Santa 👌😉"

 - Alice Dixon

"Just want to thankyou again for another year of your fantastic delivery!
You really are very talented.
You make my children smile every single year and each year is even better!
We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a great 2023!!
Many thanks, again,"

 - Melissa Mackenzie

"I am sobbing happy tears right now, thank you so much"

 - Grace MacDonald