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Elf Surveillance Kit


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Our Santa Elf Reward Kit is the perfect way to keep your child on their toes during the all-important run-up to Christmas. The Christmas elves have produced a wide variety of naughty and nice cards and Santa wants all parents to hand out these cards to children as rewards for being nice… or warnings for being naughty. Every elf surveillance kit also includes a mixtures of good and naughty reward cards to dish out when good (and naughty behaviour occurs), a personalised Elf report and well done reward cards for extra specialgood behaviour , a beautiful certificate signed by Santa Claus himself confirming that your child is officially on the Nice List. There’s even a letter to Father Christmas, which the child can fill in themselves before sending it off to the North Pole. Everyone loves to get post, even Santa Claus. Let them lose themselves in the magic this season, by giving them an experience they’ll never forget, with this great countdown pack! The perfect experience when paired with our personalised letters from Santa Claus. What could be better than getting a reply from Santa? Order both online now.

Each Santa elf surveillance kit includes:
A "Nice List" certificate, 2 Elf Reward certificates, 4 Elf Report Cards, a mixture of 10 Elf 'Well done' cards, 2 nice list update cards, 4 naughty cards and more.

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