Welcome to Santa’s Post Office

Make your children smile with a personalised letter from Santa

Choice of magical stories & designs to suit any age

Choose from 17 post-scripts to make your letter even more magical or even add your own message

Printed on high quality paper, addressed directly to your child and delivered in a festive envelope

Plus includes free added extras!

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Three Easy Steps

Select from four Santa letter designs. Click on ‘Get Started’ below and select your design.

Fill in a few simple details about your child that will make your letter from Father Christmas appear wonderfully personal to them – simple details like their name, home town, age, and even what they would like for Christmas will make their Santa letter simply magical!

Select when you would like Santa to send out the letter. This can be any time you like, whether it’s as soon as tomorrow or a future date.

Delivered from the North Pole!

Each Santa letter is printed on high quality paper, delivered in a festive envelope, addressed directly to the child with an authentic North Pole stamp and free delivery! Santa letter uk

Each letter truly personal to them!

As well as four beautiful stationery design options, there are ten different enchanting stories to choose from, meaning that every single letter is totally unique to each recipient. Whether this is your baby’s very first Christmas or your child is getting to that age when they are starting to have doubts about the magic of the season, our range of letter templates will have you covered. We even offer a special ‘adult’ letter option for the ‘big’ kid in your life who might benefit from some Yuletide words of wisdom from Kris Kringle.
As if that weren’t enough, we also have a choice of 17 different ‘post-scripts’ to make your letter even more personal. For example, if your child was in a nativity play, Santa can sign off his letter by telling them how terrific they were. Or if they started school this year, he can let them know how well they are doing.

“The letter from Santa was brilliant! My daughter loved it.”

James Hendry

“Excellent. Our daughter was amazed that Father Christmas had written to her and knew so much about her. Lovely presentation.”

Sharon Scaldwell

“My daughter was over the moon with her Santa Letter”

Toni Simpole

“A great and well presented letter. The smile on my son’s face said it all. I don’t think you could improve on what I thought was a superb Santa letter.”

Robert Colby

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