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Five Get-Ahead Christmas Planning Tips

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. Avoiding the mad rush and the crowds of Christmas time can make the holiday season even more magical for everyone and let you relax. That’s why we’ve put together these five helpful tips to help you get ahead this Christmas.


Start Saving Money for Christmas

Christmas can be a big expense. Getting gifts for all of your family and friends can quickly add up. So, in order to lessen the sting of that Christmas bill, start saving early. Setting a small amount of money aside each week or month can quickly add up and mean that your Christmas budget might even be bigger than you thought!


Buy Your Xmas Gifts During the Summer Sales

Summer can be a great time to get your Christmas gifts as, not only does it mean you’re done extra early, it also means you can get great prices on items that would normally be full price in the winter time. 


Plan Your Christmas Cards

Again, getting things organised early can help you make the holiday more stress free and magical. Plan out who you want to send christmas cards to and get them written with plenty of time to spare. Then, when it’s time, you can post them all at once. This is also a great time to think of the childrens to and from Santa. With our Letters from Santa, you don’t have to worry, simply choose a style and personalised message, and an authentic looking letter from Santa will arrive on a date of your choosing.  


Plan Your Christmas Meals Early 

This is one for the cooks in the house - Avoid the insane rush to get the mountains of food ready in time, still hot and with perfectly cooked turkey. Do your research early, find the best way to cook everything and how long it takes, then prepare a time-table for the big day. Having everything written down means you know what you’re doing when and spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the time with your family.

Get Your Kids a Christmas Eve Box

Christmas eve boxes are not only a thoughtful early present, they are a great way to keep the children occupied and entertained whilst you get all of those last minute presents wrapped and any other Christmas Eve preparations you need to do. Combine our high quality Christmas eve boxes with our activity pack letter and your children will be happy and (more importantly) distracted by the magic of Christmas whilst you finish everything off.

Hopefully, these tips will mean your next Christmas is even more magically (and relaxing) than the last. Keep an eye on our blog for more useful Christmas information and browse our products for great gifts and ideas that will get anyone excited about Christmas.