Are Santa Sacks The New Christmas Stocking? | Santa's Post Office UK

Santa Sacks Are The New Christmas Stocking

Traditionally people hang giant sock-like stockings at the end of their bed or off their mantel piece, but have you ever thought about a Santa sack? 


Christmas Stockings

These are more traditional and great for hanging ready for those small little extra gifts Santa brings. However, not all of Santa’s gifts fit into them! There is normally an extra gift that has been placed underneath it as no matter how hard Santa tried he just couldn’t get it in the stocking.

Santa Sacks

Christmas sacks are not as traditional, but are great for getting everything Santa may bring in, as well as those gifts from Mum and Dad. Ideal for keeping xmas gifts in one, festive, place.

Whether you choose to have a stocking or a sack, or both, there are great Santa sack options available:

Christmas sacks at Santa’s Post Office are the perfect festive item to put your little one’s presents from Santa in - ready for them to race downstairs on Christmas Day to see whether a festive delivery has arrived. They are created from scratch using traditional hessian and printed with your chosen name and design. Choose from one of Santa’s reindeers, the North Pole, traditional and many more design themes, to make your Christmas truly unique.


Festive Sack Suggestions

Why not have a stocking for the end of the bed, but then a Santa sack under the tree? Makes giving out the presents much easier as everyone will have a sack with their name on!

Not only are they great for under the tree, but they are fantastic fillers for Christmas eve boxes. Just imagine your little one’s face when they open their Christmas eve box to find their very own Christmas sack. Straight under the tree it goes to await Santa's arrival!