What Is A Christmas Eve Box? | Santa's Post Office UK

What Is The Christmas Eve Box

You may have spotted this trend gaining popularity in the last few years and you may be wondering what it is all about. In essence, the Christmas Eve Box is a box that is given on 24th December and it contains small, meaningful gifts.


But, where has this tradition come from?

It is believed that this new Christmas tradition is derived from the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve. So, we Brits have adopted it as a way of starting off the festivities early with a box full of small Christmas presents.


Who are they for?

Christmas eve boxes can be for anyone, from small babies to fully grown adults. Everyone enjoys a small, special gift just for them. 

These boxes can be filled with all sorts of gifts. For children you would put small soft toys, santa sacks ready for that festive delivery or their letter from Santa Claus himself. For the adults, why not a personalised bauble, their own santa sack (I mean no-one is ever too old for a present delivery place) or some boozie, foodie tipples and nibbles. 

Really, anything can go into a Christmas eve box, as long as it is something small the receiver will love.


Can I buy a Christmas eve box?

Yes, of course!

Here at Santa’s Post Office we have an extensive range of bespoke personalised Christmas Eve boxes. Choose from Santa’s reindeer themed or more classic styles, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

 Each box is made from quality wood and personalised with the name of your choice, ensuring a truly unique product guaranteed to last an entire childhood. Expertly engraved in Britain to create a special keepsake for housing their new Christmas Eve tradition. They are individually designed with a lift-up lid secured with vintage style latch and fixings. With a choice of sizes, you'll find the perfect size to fill with small gifts and keepsakes.

Get think ahead about all the wonderful gifts you could put in these festive Christmas Eve boxes and start your new tradition today!