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Why An Elf Surveillance Kit Is The Perfect Way To Build Excitement For Christmas

With the weather turning colder and Christmas beginning to approach, many parents are starting to wonder how they can bring the magic of Chritsmas to their children and make new memories together. If, like others, you are struggling to find new ideas to keep Christmas magical then we would highly recommend our elf surveillance kits for your children to enjoy. 


What is an Elf Surveillance Kit?

Elf Surveillance Kits at Santa's Post Office are a way to inspire children to behave well during the busy period in the lead up to Christmas as we know that it can sometimes be challenging with all of the excitement during this time period. Our aim is to encourage children to be on their best behaviour as well as spark excitement for Christmas. We achieve this by using a range of rewards and notes from Santa and his elves, to act as a reminder that Santa is making his list and can see both their good and not so good behaviour! We have included a mixture of naughty and nice cards for you to give to your children as a way of letting them know that Santa knows when they are being good. Every elf surveillance pack includes a certificate from Santa to confirm that your child is on the nice list, a reward for all of the hard work they have put in to be good before Christmas. 


What does an elf surveillance kit include?

Our elves put in hours of hard work to create the perfect surveillance kit for you and your family to enjoy. We have included a range of different cards and stickers for you to give to your children from Santa to let them know how he thinks they are getting on. 
- A ‘Nice List’ certificate
- 2 Elf Reward certificates
- 4 Elf Report Cards
- 10 Elf ‘Well Done’ cards
- 2 ‘Nice List’ update cards
- 3 naughty cards
- 15 stickers

With our surveillance kits, you also receive a letter for Santa, a fun activity where you can sit with your children and write about what they would like to receive for Christmas this year. This can be a perfect opportunity after your child has received their ‘Nice List’ certificate from Santa as a way of saying thank you and building up excitement for the days to come.