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How To Make Perfect Christmas Eve Box

The day before Christmas is always a day filled with excitement and festive anticipation by children. They cannot wait for Santa’s arrival, the patter of hooves on the roof and their special presents appearing under the tree. 

Many families have their own traditions for Christmas Eve, but if you’re a young family at Christmas what could be yours? A popular tradition is Christmas Eve boxes.

Let’s find out how to make one!


The Christmas Box

You could wrap each individual eve gift, but why not buy them a personalised wooden box that will last their entire childhood! Add to the magic of Christmas year after year with a bespoke Christmas Eve box from Santa’s Post Office. They are designed with a lift-up lid secured with vintage style latch and fixings and available in a range of sizes. 

Another idea - why not get a large one for the whole family! Fill it full of treats the whole family will enjoy and share the magic with all. 

Everyone’s allowed an early Christmas gift this year.


Christmas Box Filler Ideas

This is the part we all love, looking inside the box! But, what to put inside…

Santa Sacks

What could be a more perfect time to get ready for Santa’s arrival than on Christmas Eve. 

A personalised Christmas sack is just the thing your child needs. When they open the box to find it ready for presents, they can place it wherever they want for Santa to fill it full of presents. (near the tree is probably best). 

Just imagine their face as they run downstairs in the morning to find that their Christmas sack is full of festive gifts!


A Letter From Santa Claus

Nothing is more exciting for a child than receiving their very own letter from Santa! They can read magical stories in their personal letter from Santa that has been beautifully crafted on festive paper and sent straight from the North Pole. 

Eek, I think they will be over the moon hearing from their Christmas hero right before he’s due to visit.


Festive Decoration For The Tree

Christmas trees don’t have to just be something festive in the corner of the room, they can hold years worth of memories for all the family. Each year put a Christmas tree decoration in their box, so that the tree gradually fills with memories from Christmas gone by. 

You could even give them their childhood decorations when they move out and have their own family tree. What a lovely way of helping them begin their own traditions!


Toys They Can Cherish

Every child loves a soft, cuddly toy to snuggle with at night, so why not get them the perfect festive snuggle buddy?

Santa’s Post Office has a fantastic range of Christmas themed soft toys with Ernie the elf and little penguins. We are sure there will be the perfect little friend for your child, goodness knows what festive mischief they will get up to. Maybe Ernie will keep an eye out for Santa to make sure he does visit.


Reindeer Food & Santa Snacks

Now this really is a must! We can’t have Santa or his reindeers getting hungry as they race around the world. 

With this in mind you could place two mince pies in the Christmas Eve box - one for your little one and one for Santa - and a small bag of reindeer food. Reindeer food is really easy to make, simply mix oats with glitter, reindeers can’t resist glitter. As your child sprinkles the reindeer food outside, tell them to make a wish and you’ll see the sparkle of excitement in their eyes. 


There are so many wonderful items you could put into a Christmas Eve box, but these are just some examples for you. Nothing could really bring true magical excitement to the day before Christmas quite like a truly personal gift. 

Start your new Christmas tradition this year by creating something they will enjoy for many years to come!